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Win Anger, win the world:-
Most of the people are not successful in their lives, because they get angry over trifle issues. Sometimes the issues may be greater, but is anger remedy to anything or itself a disease?
yes, it may be true that if you get angry every now and then and if luckily you are at authoritative position, people obey your commands without fail,but on a serious note, this anger is keeping you away from your own people or will keep away one day or other.So practice through meditation or counting your breaths with your chosen deity’s name will calm you.Be composed and equanimous.
Sometimes you feel that you are an emotional being and people around you attempt to vilify you thereby you get provoked in response. please note that you cannot change people or sometimes even circumstances. You cannot start grabbing every Dick and Harry and suing them.  So better keep in mind that fools and intelligent persons are no different in anger.
One day a person hit Socrates with his legs amongst his friends, Socrates tolerated this and did not react anything. When asked he replied, ‘You say I should sue an ass, if it hits me with its leg and seek justice in the court.Ordinary people consider that pleasures and pains are created in  external circumstances but it is a severe mistake. It is upto you whether you create anger in your mind in response or not. Learn from the incident of Socrates.
A sage hit Lord Vishnu on His chest, He in response asked whether you get hurt on hitting me , as my chest is made up of vajra/thunderbolt. You should have to develop this kind of tolerance and politeness defeating anger.
If you are spiritually elevated, you should consider all people as your own being, own soul, this will help you in forgiving people after prolonged practice.Your mind is factory of priceless ideas. Why you disturb the factory of the positive ideas by creating anger on various issues, thereby harm your talent. Therefore be calm and composed, lest you may suffer loss of your ideas that were destructed during the period you were angry.
Use your anger in your progress. Keep yourself so much busy that your mind is never work less/idle. Idle mind creates nuisance. Beware!Spend time with family, friends, well-wishers, people with positive attitude; work with them, enjoy your life. Keep yourself so busy in your progress that there is no room to slander anyone.
Ordinary people cannot change their mindsets, but the persons who aspire to become great, learn how to control mind in negative, tough and adverse circumstances. If there is baskets of fruits before you, what would you prefer stale or fresh fruits, obviously the latter ones. So in the case of negative and adverse circumstances, pick only those thoughts which are positive, lucrative and create harmony. You wish to live happily, so chose happiness, not anger.
Accept the circumstances, go ahead with positive attitude. Give pressure of your nails on your palms and count till 10 , this will relax your mind and help alleviating anger.
Do not give keys/ remote control of your mind to your opponents. Be a master of your mind and not slave. All the best!Win Anger!Win the world! All the best!


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